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#1 2018-04-10 11:54:48

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To leave a very positive comment

Nowhere can I find a place to leave a positive and thumbs-up comment, so I do it here.
Testing Ascii Beta, fresh install and with fine-tuned install options:
- OpenRC
- lxdm (changed after installation)
- and the necessary tools
Result: I have a very, VERY stable system, working reliably and enabling me to do amazing things that just work! No complaints to make at all. Being a .deb-based distribution gives me the ease to work in my best known ways and resolve problems easily, should they ever occur. Nicest surprise: even minidlna can be found in your repos and it works perfectly well with OpenRC. It seems that the old InitSysV-style init script, found in /etc/init.d is entirely compatible with the OpenRC commands.
Fantastic to have a system that boots, works and shuts down reliably and VERY FAST. No crap clogging the system resources.
You are giving back to the community what it desperately needs: freedom of choice and a good, stable Linux to work on.
I want to thank you for your excellent work and encourage you to follow your path.
Have a good day,

PS: is anything new in the crystal-ball about a release date of ASCII stable?


#2 2018-05-08 09:45:49

Registered: 2017-11-15
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Re: To leave a very positive comment

just to add to it:
I have tested Devuan ASCII quite throughly and I can say only this:
I am very happy. Devuan ASCII has become VERY stable and reliable.
I do mostly fresh installs and choose directly:
-graphical custom install
-select Cinnamon DE (sometimes XFCE for slower machines)
-select OpenRC
It looks you are going RC and then "stable" soon. I will switch my systems from Linux Mint to Devuan.
No systemd: Great work done!


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