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#1 2018-02-28 14:15:21

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KDE Plasma 5.12

I'm running Devuan Ascii with KDE plasma 5 and I'm loving it but there are a few niggles with some of the apps and rendering that make me want to pick up a more recent version... and KDE has just release 5.12 which is an LTE release.  Debian's "sid" is already pulling KDE 5.12.2.

I completely appreciate that Devuan tracks Debian so to a significant degree "we get what they get" but I believe that there are changes in some of the underlying packages to remove systemd so I don't think that I can try to push in the relevant packages from "sid" without it all breaking in horrible ways :-(

I'm wondering what it would take to package KDE 5.12.x for Devuan as a separate "bleeding edge" repository (which I'm happy to work on creating and host if necessary).    Since "sid" is already pulling KDE 5.12.2 so I'm hoping that I can start with that and apply the necessary changes to get it to work on Devuan... but I haven't tried yet.

Does anyone have any suggestions / recommendations for this?

Thanks in advance...


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