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#1 2018-02-19 20:01:57

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Bluetooth blueman PS3 Controllers Sixaxis sixad not connecting

Hello hello! I'm trying to figure out why blueman won't connect to any of my PS3 controllers, I'm fairly certain I have all the hidapi, libusb, libjack, etc drivers but for some reason blueman just won't connect to the controllers - it will detect them & add them to the list but it won't successfully connect unfortunately.

QTSIXA seems to work just fine though. Very odd... I've tried upgrading all the bluez packages[to ceres repo] too but it would seem that has changed nothing.
I've also upgraded blueman to 2.0.4 from a .deb package(upgrading to ceres' 2.0.5 would upgrade far too many packages, I don't want to frankenstein APT)

Is anyone else able to successfully make blueman connect up to their PS3 controllers?

If you've got the same problem as me, you can use:


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