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Hyperbola and Devuan integration? … an_commons … d=254#p254
There are 2 systems sharing 6 common aspects like init freedom and LTS, namely Hyperbola and Devuan.
Now I’m willing to collect some of the comments here, if Devuan, and backends namely and VUA are willing to trademark for a similar system named Hyperbola with Devuan, as to be well integrated together, for the few significant commons, like init freedom, stability, conservation, LTS, free software, free culture, privacy.
To make both popular even to laypeople, Devuan will be also need to port your Refracta graphical installer for Hyperbola, which they are lacked of a graphical ISO where Devuan should be willing to help them a lot, as to be more tangible and reachable to the generic people which they need 100% libre system. smile

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