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#1 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » Having some issues with Mate » 2017-07-28 03:14:54

fsmithred: again, thanks for the hints about spacefm, that has a lot of interesting power available as plugins.I overlooked that one a while back, looked too rudimentary. I was wrong there!

#2 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » Having some issues with Mate » 2017-07-27 21:58:25


I tried the hezeh repos, but saw too many problems for my newb-ness. Will wait for the add into the official repos, and will try the suggested pmount and spacefm.

First, I added the repos via Synaptic, refreshed, got a 'no public key' error regarding the hezeh stuff. So, like, whatever, I keep going.

Next, the results of adding the hezeh repo, I definitely see the new version of Mate, with some pleasure, but while selecting the individual items that were version 1.18, I encountered that mate-control-center has unresolved dependencies, and so I stopped there and removed the hezeh repos. To be safer.

I'm assuming the repos will catch the dependencies at some point.

#3 Desktop and Multimedia » Having some issues with Mate » 2017-07-27 02:31:55

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I know XFCE is Devuan default, but the Thunar file manager has left me wanting: no search, and more.

I found and came to like XFE running under XFCE, but XFE isn't allowing multiple applications to open a file type, and isn't even storing just one application as per the associate link it does offer. Not enough joy for me.

I recently left KDE because the new Plasma 5 icons are just too bland and painful to deal with (just because M$ does it, doesn't mean everyone in the computing world should chase M$ as a lead). That said, I miss KDE Dolphin quite a bit.

So, mostly because I had toyed with a distro that uses Mate as default and I was a little familiar with Mate from that experience, I installed Mate on Devuan 1.0.0.

I like Mate quite a bit, Caja does almost everything I need from a file manager.

A problem I need help with is as follows:
I use USB Flash drives quite a bit. Like constantly. Nothing stays on the spinning disc for very long.

When I insert a flash stick, it pops up on the Mate desktop, which is just perfect.
When I double click the flash stick desktop icon, it opens Caja, again, just perfect.

When I'm done my not so mysterious work on my flash stick, I close Caja.
I wait a few seconds.
Sometimes, I have a terminal window open, sometimes I don't. Sometimes when I have a terminal window open, I will issue a sync command to flush cached writes. Sometimes I do not issue sync, sometimes I sync as root. Syncing makes no difference in the long run.
Whether or not I issue a sync command, I then right click the desktop icon for the flash stick, and I select eject.

The desktop icon disappears, no messages are displayed telling me it is safe to remove the flash stick.

I pull the flash stick out because I'm done. I later reinsert it, and if I don't already have a terminal open, I will open a terminal, issue su, login in as root, and issue a dmesg | tail to see the flash stick /dev association point.

I then issue fsck -p /dev/sdx, and much to my surprise, the dirty bit was set, and the file system needed repairs.

But.... as I stated, I can issue a sync command before the eject command, I always get a dirty bit, yet I expect that either of sync or the eject command should have safely prepared the flash stick for removal.

Seems it makes no difference if I issue sync as user, issue sync as root, or never issue sync at all. That alone stumps me.

These are almost stock flash sticks except I repartition them to NOT have a partition at all, and I mkfs a fat filesystem into the unpartitioned device. Such has worked for a decade and more than a half dozen distros so far....

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?

(And a gentle "Oh, by the way": Mate released 1.18.0 not very long ago in March 2017; Devuan offers Mate 1.8.1, from 2014-ish. Maybe the intervening changes have fixed the dirty bit issue?)

Thanks for any assistance!

#4 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Repositories in Synaptic post fresh install » 2017-06-21 21:54:49

iamwhatiam wrote:
deb jessie          main
deb jessie-updates  main
deb jessie-security main

This is exactly what was listed in my Synaptic. Today, I repeated launching Synaptic, I did not change anything in the repositories, and tried reloading the packages list.
The problem with refreshing is not happening now, I have refreshed as expected.

Curious: Your first post lists 3 repositories with a prefix of deb-src. I am a bit unfamiliar with Debian and Devuan repository arrangements. Where could I read learn about the structure as would be explained to a noob? I once had stored some Debian repo info a bit back which tried to explain how Debian broke things down, but that education failed to fully enlighten me. Furthermore, Debian and Devuan are not exactly the same, so I anticipate differences exist or will soon come to exist.

#5 Hardware & System Configuration » Repositories in Synaptic post fresh install » 2017-06-21 02:09:26

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Ok, NOW I need some direction!

Having a great experience on my Dell laptop with Jesse RC1, I dusted off my desktop box, I have reformatted and repartitioned the drive, and then I went for the big switch to Jesse 1.0.0 official.

From many lessons learned, the first thing I do after a fresh distro install is to update the packages, using Synaptic (Synaptic - such a great tool).

So, after getting Jessie installed on my eMachines AMD64X2, and seeing it boot and login and surf properly, I dropped into automatic mode and launched Synaptic.

I gave root password, and when Synaptic settled, I clicked reload to refresh the package lists.

Synaptic then gave me a blank stare, so to speak. Nothing happened. I'm posting from the same session where Synaptic was unable to update package lists, so my network is running ok. After a bit, I got this error message:

Failed to fetch  
Failed to fetch  
Failed to fetch  
Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

I'm guessing those repositories aren't available at the moment? Or am I in need of selecting a repository setup outside of these 3?
If the latter is the correct answer, then I'll also need some idea how to properly reconfigure the repos via synaptic.


#6 Documentation » Time zone » 2017-05-19 02:37:31

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Had a bit of confusion over incorrect clock in XFCE on Devuan 1.0.0 RC2.

In fact, the system clock was exactly the same error as XFCE.

My hardware clock is set to local time, not UTC.

Tried setting the timezone at the console (as root), but time data was offset despite selecting the correct timezone. Off by 4 time zones worth of hours.

Solution was to install these packages (and all dependencies which might not be listed); as soon as Synaptic completed installation, my clock popped to the correct time. I already had a working network connection.

Synaptic install history wrote:

Commit Log for Thu May 18 17:37:52 2017

Installed the following packages:
ntp (1:4.2.6.p5+dfsg-7+deb8u2)
ntpdate (1:4.2.6.p5+dfsg-7+deb8u2)
ntpstat (

#7 Hardware & System Configuration » Hey, I don't need help! » 2017-05-12 19:07:04

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Thanks, it has been a long time since first installs weren't horridly complex and I've installed distros hundreds of times, on a lot of legacy hardware since using my first distro in 1998, Red Hat 4.0. Devuan development has produced a stunner as of RC2, and I'm hoping to be using Devuan for a long time.

Told my buddies at USAlug.


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