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#1 Re: Off-topic » When Wayland will fully replace the old X11? » 2017-06-12 16:12:30

Many times when I hear talk about "replacements" in OSS I find some strong egos behind these words. Linux is about choice. As much as I personally criticize systemd I never claimed I want it eradicated from this planet. Although imho I strongly think it is a horrendous choice, it is nevertheless a choice and I expect it to be found there for quite some time. We also know the systemd developers do not share the same attitude, which proves once more how wrong they got this community. As for X11 vs Wayland I think the same. I do hope Wayland does not repeat systemd's mistakes. As an option I salute the effort and I already gave it a try. Seems exactly what it is, a young project, issues yet be to fixed and so on. I will keep an eye on Wayland and I honestly hope they will succeed in enriching this community by providing a stable and viable alternate choice to the olde X11.


#3 Re: Devuan » Devuan brings back the real LINUX » 2017-06-12 15:15:56

KatolaZ wrote:


the best way to "thank" Devuan is to help making it survive, grow, and prosper. Please consider whether you can contribute with any of the things indicated in the "wishlist" here: … nce-050517

under the section "Anyone can help Devuan". Hang out on the IRC channel #devuan (freenode) to find fellow Devuaners, or roll your sleeves up and shout on #devuan-dev to get in touch with devs and offer your help.

Devuan is not much about "making a point", rather about "drawing a new path". And everyone is responsible for making this new path become real ;-)



I plan to look at this as well. Although I sort of lack much spare time I will give it a shot. Short term, since my group is planning to adopt devuan later this year donations are considered. Like always we just need to sort out some bureaucracy. Nice work.


#4 Devuan » Switching to Devuan » 2017-06-12 15:08:56

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Just wanted to let the community know we found devuan to be a major success from our point of view. I work in a small research group, a few servers and a bunch of linux desktops. We use Ubuntu for desktops and Centos for servers. We plan a major switch later this year to Devuan for desktops. As it is right now Devuan is also the candidate for our servers too, although personally I would like to have Gentoo there (Gentoo is an old love of mine). Just wanted to let you all know how excited we are with devuan and how important your work is.


#5 Devuan » Devuan brings back the real LINUX » 2017-04-25 16:48:39

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Just installed it and wow, everything is here. All the options I want, and no unsolvable problems so far. The memory footprint is small and no weird so called init system that is using my CPU in the background all the time. Just wanted to say thank you for a great job done.


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