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#2 Re: Devuan » Which is more helpful for Devuan for me to run, Ascii or Jessie? » 2017-01-29 10:07:50

Thanks for digging that out.  I'll focus on Jessie for the time being.  I actually had to do a reinstallation because I had runaway backporting that took out networking and other services.   I notice the following about the defaults in Jessie:

  • Thunar does not support SFTP

  • Devices ttyUSB0, ttyUSB1, and friends rearrange themselves after hibernation

  • NTPd is missing and must be installed manually

  • The default screen saver blanks the screen but does not turn off the backlight

  • sleep does not work not even when invoked via pm-sleep

  • hibernate works much of the time, but not 100%, when invoked via pm-hibernate

  • useragent strings for Iceweasel and others do not say Devua, this is a triviality though

  • During the installation, the ctrl-alt-f4 logs show many ^M indicating bad formatting

  • Bluetooth seems not to be found much of the time

  • During the installation, no timezone is available except as tied to geographic locale

  • During the installation, the trackpad for System76 Gazelle pro is not found

  • The default source.list leaves the CD ROM repository enabled

  • RPCBind is installed by default, remove it please

  • Backports should pin to a low priority, as discussed on the list and elsewhere

How should I provide feedback about the installation process and the defaults?

#3 Devuan » Which is more helpful for Devuan for me to run, Ascii or Jessie? » 2017-01-26 20:06:59

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Which is more helpful for Devuan for me to run, Ascii or Jessie?  There are a lot of rough edges and thus potentially a lot of bug reports to file.  So where do the developers want us to focus attention?

#4 Documentation » Setting Root Terminal Icon in XFCE4 panel2 and window list » 2017-01-24 12:42:54

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In XFCE4 panel shortcuts, calling the xfce-terminal emulator directly allows explicitly assigning it an icon in the corresponding .desktop file:

Exec=gksu -- /usr/bin/xfce4-terminal --icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/gksu-root-terminal.png

That change causes the window list to also show a red terminal, matching what is in the panel menu.

Otherwise, the XFCE window list showing active windows has different icons than what started in the panels.  By default for the Root Terminal shortcut a red terminal is shown in the panel, but the window list just shows the generic terminal icon.

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