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#1 2017-06-01 18:26:40

From: Lombardy, Italy, E.U.
Registered: 2017-05-13
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Updating XFCE's weather plugin 0.8.3-2 to 0.8.9-1

If the former isn't working for you, check its status this way:

user@devuan:~$ cat ~/.xsession-errors | grep -i weather

You will probably get one or more of these lines:

weather-WARNING **: Download of weather data failed with HTTP Status Code 404, Reason phrase: Not Found

Thus, uninstall it:

root@devuan:/home/user# apt-get remove xfce4-weather-plugin

Then download the newer version from … _packages/

graciously uploaded by fsmithred

Install it:

root@devuan:/home/user/Downloads# dpkg -i xfce4-weather-plugin_0.8.9-1~jessie1_amd64.deb 

That's it!

Thanks to Spass and fsmithred for the help given to solve this little issue.

"It isn't necessary to hope, in order to undertake, nor to succeed to persevere." (Anonymous)


#2 2017-07-05 01:27:11

From: Dawson Creek, BC, Canada
Registered: 2017-06-19
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Re: Updating XFCE's weather plugin 0.8.3-2 to 0.8.9-1


Thank you for taking the time to produce this weather plugin.

Something I have noticed from another weather plugin, might be of interest.  If you have multiple desktop computers on your LAN, they all may be asking for weather information from a common source.  What is better, is if one machine acts as a server, and the other machines on the LAN ask for "the latest" weather information from that server.

Someday, when I have nothing to do, I may try to rewrite the plugin I use.  Or maybe your plugin does something similar before then.  It's not that I don't want to rewrite things, it is just that the list of things to write is a little on the large side.


#3 2017-07-08 19:38:43

Registered: 2016-11-25
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Re: Updating XFCE's weather plugin 0.8.3-2 to 0.8.9-1

All I did with xfce4-weather-plugin was take the source from ascii and compile it on jessie. I did not look at the source at all. If it's not a shell script, then it's not a language I know. (Which does not rule out editing the source, but I didn't do that here.)  There might be an easy way to do what you want. I don't know. Now, if you want to use weather-util to get a text report and convert that to speech and play it over your speakers, I know how to do that. That might be good to have around for days when you want to annoy your co-workers.


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