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#1 2017-09-08 23:18:00

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Way to reduce application initial startup times?

Hey ya'll, curious if there's a simple way to cut some of the startup time from a couple of applications, all programs start slow(er) the first time in a session, then quicker after that for the duration of session. I've got a couple programs that i'd like to trim some of that startup time from.

I thought about using the autostart file for an ugly but maybe useable hack? Set a program to autostart with no delay, then a second line with delay plus killall command, so in effect it starts and then stops before desktop finishes coming up, so after that the inital user-initiated startup on that program will be faster.

I know about prelink and have had mixed results, but that's an after-install solution anyway, and i'm looking for something that's going to go into the next Vuu-do iso. It's just Osmo really that's unacceptably slow, but the menu is getting a bit laggy too as I have added a lot of entries and it's getting a little heavy. If I get those two just a hair faster i'll be in high cotton. wink
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