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#1 2017-04-21 22:03:08

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xorg crashes linux when exiting

I have been stumped by a problem with Devuan 1-beta running on 6th generation Intel processors [i5-6200u, celeron n3050].  I am using openbox as a window manager/desktop [but same happens with XFCE4], starting from a tty with: 


which brings up openbox and an lxterminal.  All is fine until I attempt to exit xorg and return to the tty:  the following errors are issued and the screen freezes, unresponsive to anything other than a power cycle:

  xinit: connection to X server lost 
  waiting for X server to shut down XIO: fatal error 4
    (Interrupted system call) on X server ":0" 
  after 614 requests (614 known processed) with 0 events
  .error setting MTRR (base = 0x..., size=0x..., type=1)
    invalid argument (22) 
  (EE) server terminated succesfully (0).  Closing log file. 

The /var/log/Xorg.0.log file is corrupted.

my .xinitrc is a simple

  exec openbox

From the error messages, you would think think xorg completed fine, but I put "echo" messages in "startx" before and after the "xinit" command, and the second does not appear.

I am using Void Linux [4.5.2 kernel] on the 6200u laptop without problems, but I also installed Slitaz Linux, which has a 3-series kernel.

apt-cache showpkg says:

  xorg    1:7.7+7 
  xinit   1.3.4-1 

I would appreciate any help you can provide with this bug.

addendum:  I have been using xorg and openbox in this way on older processors such as intel i3-2330M and i3-3217U without problems since the first Devuan releases.

addendum2:  I installed refracta8 to the i5-6200u machine, and it froze with a blank screen when logout/reboot.   The CD version of refracta has no such problems [it can reboot the CD from xfce].  The installed xorg is just copied verbatim from the CD, so it must be the same.

addendum3:  I recompiled xinit.c with print statements before and after it started the client and server processes, and just before it exited.  The latter was the last output to the screen before it froze.  The echo message after the xinit command was not seen.  Needless to say that this represents as far as I can go in debugging this issue.


Project: devuan/devuan-project
Issue: #80
By: jacksprat


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