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#1 2017-07-16 07:01:52

Peter Gossner
Registered: 2017-03-06
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Slim wont accept password

Package installs...
If slim wont accept your password::

**That is it simply keeps resetting to the login prompt.**
Check system dbus is  running::

     service dbus status     

(or whatever your using)

Check you have not slipped around a dependency which may happen if you have "extra" (non devuan repositories)

    **  * cough*  *debian*   *ubuntu*  **

Certainly this could catch you if you use experimental or unstable (ceres) /
*you know that those names are no accident*
     $ sudo apt-get update
     $ apt-get install slim  --reinstall   
(optionally -t ascii or testing)

If slim is built with dbus you have to have dbus AND consolekit.

      $ apt-cache depends slim

        Depends: libc6
        Depends: libck-connector0
       Depends: libdbus-1-3
       Depends: libfontconfig1
       Depends: libfreetype6
       Depends: libgcc1
       Depends: libjpeg62-turbo
       Depends: libpam0g
       Depends: libpng12-0
       Depends: libstdc++6
       Depends: libx11-6
      Depends: libxext6
      Depends: libxft2
      Depends: libxmu6
      Depends: libxrandr2
      Depends: libxrender1
      Depends: zlib1g
      |    Depends: debconf
      Depends: <debconf-2.0>
       Depends: dbus
       Depends: consolekit
      Recommends: xterm
      Suggests: scrot
      Suggests: xauth


Project: PeteGozz/slim
Issue: #1
By: Peter Gossner


#2 2017-07-16 08:07:32

From: Any witch way
Registered: 2017-07-12
Posts: 489

Re: Slim wont accept password

If such thing happens to someone installing or transfering from a different D system:
Ask yourself:
Did you mess around with /home and transferred a user from another system?
Log in as root and check the ownership of your /home/username directory and
make sure the right user and user id (1000 for a single user first user created).
If you made a user named pete which was user 1002 in another installation it
actually logs in but will not be able to access the /home/pete as it belongs to user
1002 (which may not exist yet but it is not you).  So it returns to login like nothing


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