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A Summer Dream


I was crawling through a cave made of obfuscated source code, darkness was everywhere.
Its soil was muddy, the more I tried to move from a point to another the more I found myself knee-deep in the slime.
I just wanted to flee from that dreaded place.

To make things even worse, I knew, I knew! – a creature, a monster lived there: Buggum.

Usually it’s a tiny being, six-legged, so tiny that even the most trained eye can’t easily spot it; but I knew that I was in its lair, where its powers are mighty and thus its form is way bigger than usual – there it lives, luring tiny programs swimming in the shadows, catching them with its tentacles and eating them raw until they reach their End Of Life.

I had icy shivers running down my spine, I just wanted to return, to exit from that eerie cave but there was no light, no path, no nothing to help me.
I was about to faint for the strain, ready to sink in that slimy sea of deadly unconsciousness, when I felt something under my left hand; it didn’t felt like a rock for it was polished and regular, resembling some kind of winged beast at the touch. I grabbed it and pulled it out of the pitch black blob where I was about to die and – behold! – the shadows vanished, lifted as a veil from my eyes: I could see everything, crystal clear, and I saw all the routines and subroutines and the cobweb of flow controls running from everywhere. I looked at the figurine, it resembled the look of a Daemon. Fearing that Buggum could steal it I quickly put it in my bag – as soon as I lost the contact with the Daemon, everything returned as it was previously: The Dark Cave of Obfuscated Code. Despite this, something deep within me suggested me not to fetch the Daemon to light the path ahead, but to hold on my memory and intelligence to exit from that labyrinth.

Walking with sure pace through the labyrinth I ended up in its center, where it lived Buggum. If you do know how pure terror feels, then you know how I was feeling at the mere sight of that creature. It fixed its eyes on me, smiled as a cheshire cat, and spoke with a mellow voice, as if it wasn’t coming from it, but from some other entity living into it; I was stuck on place, I couldn’t even flick a finger nor close my eyes: the dreaded monster had cast its curse on me – Oh RMS, help me! I confess I have used closed source operating systems, I confess I have downloaded warez and keygens, but I was young and stupid, I felt guilty, repented and changed my life since then – I’m not anymore what I used to be years ago, so, for mercy’s sake, spare my life from that monstrosity.

While I was praying like this, Buggum had come close to me murmuring its spell to my left ear – suddenly I realized that my left hand was holding the Daemon figurine, I felt no more fear for I could see again clear and I thought that I could slit Buggum’s throat using the Daemon’s wings as a dagger… I smiled, and I didn’t.

I woke up, mixed feelings, I knew I had dreamed something but I could not remember what. Probably nothing important.

There’s just one thing out of place: an ugly golden figurine that I found in my left hand, enveloped in the sheets.
Perhaps it’s some kind of souvenir bought during one of my trips, from some cheap shop, to hold my letters and sheets in place; can’t recall from where it came. Only God knows how it ended up in my bed!

It resembles a squid, but it has wings and lion paws and it holds a tombstone between its forepaws – the stone must have been inscribed with some sort of temperature-sensible painting for if left under the direct light of sun it shows an inscription written in an horrible dialect of L337 which I won’t even ever try to pronounce. However I made it examine by an old bookseller working at S. Olve & Co. Agula, which translated it as follows:

“Three Daemons for its core / made of c as under the sky, [1]
Seven for its duties / in cgroups cast into stone, [2][3]
Ten are the Mortal Penguins / defaulting to it to die, [4]
One for the Dark Hat / on his clay throne
In the Land of System Darkness / where the sha does lie.
One Daemon to rule them all, One Daemon to find them,
One Daemon to bring them all, and into cgroups bind them,
In the Land of System Darkness / where the sha does lie.”

I’ve kept the notes he gave me, ‘cause even if I do not have the slightest idea of what this means, and actually I do not even want to discover it,  it could be of some importance for someone.

One thing is sure: I will not go to sleep – ever again – after having read love craft tales: apparently love romances aren’t my thing if they produce such kind of dreams.

[1] systemd, systemctl, systemd-analyze
[2] journald, logind, networkd, timedated, udevd, libudev, systemd-boot
[3] “systemd tracks processes using the Linux kernel’s cgroups subsystem instead of using process identifiers (PIDs); thus, daemons cannot “escape” systemd, not even by double-forking” ( )
[4] Arch Linux, CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Mageia, OpenSuse, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Ubuntu

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